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My Works on Enterprise

Conversions from ZX Spectrum

Games converted for EnterMice support


Demos / Intros

Wall Pipe game
Under construction, not yet finished!
Requires Entermice mouse interface!

Plasma effect

Download olive / purple version

Download blue / yellow version

Speed: 13.59 FPS

Nyan cat xmas version
6 bit digi music. Sample rate is 7.2kHz, length is 10.85 sec, size of sample is 57.25kB.
The animation contains 12 frames, played with 14.1 FPS.

Nyan cat
Two voice digi music with three samples. Samples are from the Commodore Plus/4 version.

Mandelbrot set
16 bit fixed-point arithmetic.

Puzzle game.

Puzzle game.
The original game was released by Thalion Software in 1990 for Amiga, Atari ST, PC and C64.
Written in Z80 assembly in 2005–2006.

Nibbles 1k
Snake game.
Based on the idea of the Microsoft's Nibbles game published with the Quick Basic.
The game runs on text screen. Written in Z80 assembly.
It has nine levels.
I participated on MiniGame Compo in 2005 with this game in 1kB category.
Later I've made an extended version of the game with music, that still fits in 3kB.

Try it on lgb's JavaScript Enterprise emulator!

Sokoban 4k
Sokoban puzzle game.
Written in Z80 assembly.
The game has 50 levels.
I participated on MiniGame Compo in 2004 with this game in 4kB category.

ENTER - next level
L - select level
U - undo

Try it on lgb's JavaScript Enterprise emulator!

Other devs on the ENTERPRISE 128

Conway's game of life
A simple "Game of life" cellular automaton on a 40 x 25 text screen.
Written in Z80 assembly.


Articles published on logout.hu (in Hungarian)
Negyven éves az Altair 8800 számítógép
Negyven éves az Altair BASIC – a Microsoft első terméke
CHIP-8 – játék-engine 1977-ből

PIC microcontroller projects

Clock with LED matrix (32 x 8) display.
Based on a PIC16F877 controller.

Brainfuck Compiler

Simle Hello World program on CP/M and MS-DOS